PBS WealthTrack Interview...


Robert Kleinschmidt, portfolio manager of the Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX), discusses his...

Tocqueville Trust Services


Tocqueville Asset Management, L.P. announces Trust Services Offering Provides High Net...

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Delafield Fund Quarterly Shareholder Letter

Dennis Delafield and Vincent Sellecchia discuss the quarterly results of the Delafield Fund for the period ending 12/31/14 in their latest shareholder letter.


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Headlines and Bottom Lines

by François Sicart

Investment performance measurement is a striking example of an originally good idea made bad by its success.  It is true that a standardized way of measuring performance is necessary to weed out money managers’ claims that are outrageous, plain dishonest, or even merely “...

Tocqueville Fund TOCQX $34.25 -0.23
Opportunity Fund TOPPX $20.89 +0.08
International Fund TIVFX $13.78 +0.02
Select Fund TSELX $12.58 -0.03
Delafield Fund DEFIX $30.72 -0.25
Gold Fund TGLDX $35.56 -1.06
Alternative Strategies Fund TALSX $27.06 -0.04

All information as of market close 01/23/2015

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