TOPPX Morningstar Rating


As of January 31, 2015, the Tocqueville Opportunity Fund achieved a four-star Morningstar rating...

TOPPX - Zacks Investment...


Zacks Investment Research recommends TOPPX in an article entitled, "January Effect Myth...

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Tocqueville Fund - Manager Q&A

Robert Kleinschmidt, portfolio manager of the Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX), discusses the Fund's investment strategy and current holdings. 

Read it here [PDF]

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Headlines and Bottom Lines

by François Sicart

When I started in the money-management business, in 1969, I inherited a largely European clientele who, it is fair to say, were more knowledgeable and sensitive about taxes than I was.

The reason for this was partly the result of many banks’ and advisers’...

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