TOCQX featured in The New...


Robert W. Kleinschmidt, CFA, portfolio manager of the Tocqueville Fund (TOCQX), was featured in...

TOPPX featured in Money


TOPPX was featured in the January/February 2016 issue of Money in a piece entitled, "The...

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Delafield Fund Quarterly Shareholder Letter, 01/21/2016

Dennis Delafield and Vincent Sellecchia discuss the quarterly results of the Delafield Fund for the period ending 12/31/2015 in their latest shareholder letter. Read the letter [PDF]

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Headlines and Bottom Lines

by François Sicart

In a recent paper (1) I commented on the stock market’s January behavior, mainly to argue that trying to find fundamental causes for short-term market fluctuations is a futile endeavor, since most of these short-term moves really are psychologically driven.  But it then occurred to me...

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