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  • Our Firm

    Tocqueville Asset Management L.P. was founded in 1985 as an independently owned partnership focusing exclusively on the long-term growth and preservation of our clients’ capital.

    Our firm follows two guiding principles:

    • Provide excellent client service.
    • Avoid speculation and resist fads.

How Are We Different?

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  • Autonomy

    Tocqueville is a wholly independent, privately owned partnership. This eliminates the corporate conformity often found in public companies – a conformity that arises from the need to provide short-term shareholder value.

    It also allows for an alignment of interests: Portfolio managers at Tocqueville invest alongside clients, putting our own capital into the same investments that we recommend to our clients. And our autonomy ensures that we never sell products or services that our clients do not need. The term “relationship manager” does not exist at Tocqueville.

  • Meeting Your Needs

    Our respectable investment returns notwithstanding, we measure our success by the long-term relationships we develop with people who have come to us to preserve, protect, and enhance their capital. Consequently, our firm’s focus is to provide our clients with outstanding service, rather than marketing the investment flavor of the day.

    What does outstanding service mean to you? You want access: to your investments, to your investment team, at any time. We are dedicated to providing that access, to responding rapidly to your needs. And the measure of our service is a client with financial peace of mind.

  • Time

    We evaluate the success of our investment decisions over years rather than weeks or quarters, and we avoid the noise and hyperbole of Wall Street and its attendant media by relying upon rigorous proprietary research to buttress those decisions. The term “relationship manager” does not exist at Tocqueville.

    Focusing on the signal rather than the noise, while taking a long-term perspective, allows us to look past ephemeral investment schemes and seek out more durable opportunities.

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Ready to secure your financial future? Contact us to explore how our 30+ years of wealth preservation and growth can benefit you. Tailored investment strategies, family-focused counseling, and a steadfast commitment to your goals await. Let’s build your legacy together.


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