Our Services

Tocqueville is an asset-management firm. In addition under that umbrella, we provide a wide range of services evolved over 30-plus years managing the assets of wealthy families:

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  • Asset Management

    Our investment-policy decisions begin with building a relationship with our clients and their unique objectives. Only through this process can we develop customized investment and wealth-management strategies that align and evolve with our clients’ short- and long-terms needs. Thee portfolios that we build are goals-based; they focus on client needs rather than immediate returns.

    For example, a portfolio designed to maintain purchasing power over successive generations is different from a portfolio designed to make significant distributions to charity over time. We listen to our clients, and tailor each portfolio’s objectives and risk parameters based upon what we hear and, of course, the experience and expertise our people bring to the table.

    • Investment Policy Creation
    • Customized Portfolio Management
    • Bottom-Up Proprietary Research, Due Diligence and Monitoring
    • Tax Management of Investments
    • IPOs, Direct Investments, Private Placements
    • Investment Performance, Monitoring, Analysis and Rebalancing
  • Family Legacy & Leadership Planning

    We supervise and coordinate intra- and intergenerational communication by facilitating family meetings and carrying out the philanthropic visions of our clients through charitable donations and gifting. Our extensive experience in facilitating family meetings allows each voice to be heard, all within the context of established family values. Such regular, ongoing discussions can avoid serious disruptions in wealth management, especially during times of transition.

    • Family Meeting Facilitation
    • Custodial Accounts for Minors
    • Family Communication
    • Strategic Philanthropy/Gifting
    • Family Legacy and Leadership Planning

    *Mortgage and credit services, which are subject to application and credit approval, are provided by BNY Mellon, N.A. member FDIC, and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation

  • Administrative Services

    These services are intended to represent an effcient, cost-effective alternative to the employment of personal secretaries or bookkeepers. Clients benefit from a highly personalized approach that reduces the administrative burdens of their lives.

    • Money Movement (Deposits, Check Requests, Wire Transfers, ACH)
    • Gifting and Charitable Donations
    • Distributions (IRA, RMD)
    • Book Keeping
    • Cash Management
    • Tuition Payment
    • Bill Pay
    • Mail Retrieval
    • Reconciliations
    • Travel Arrangements
  • Integrated Planning

    Whether helping you to develop and implement investment policies, achieve the tax-effcient transfer of wealth within the family, or minimize the effects of income or estate taxes, Tocqueville’s portfolio managers work with your attorneys and accountants to develop a customized plan that is most appropriate in achieving your financial objectives.

    In addition to being your “go-to,” day-to-day contact, Tocqueville will coordinate with your other external advisors to streamline communications and act as project leader to marshal experts in service of your planning and wealth-management needs.

    • Integration of Estate & Investment Plan
    • Coordination with Accountants and Lawyers
    • Power of Attorney, LOA
    • Advisory Referral
  • Private Banking Through BNY Mellon, N.A.*

    Private Banking services available to Tocqueville clientele include the Investment Credit Line (ICL), which is structured for financing needs of $1 million or more. The ICL is a flexible line of credit that provides a convenient source of borrowing for personal or business needs, such as major purchases, unexpected expenses, tax obligations, or investment opportunities. With competitive, LIBOR-based pricing, no minimum draw or pre-payment penalties, and interest charged only on the amount borrowed, the ICL is a cost-effective alternative to selling assets, depleting cash reserves, or borrowing against securities through a margin account.

    A broad range of custom-tailored mortgage solutions are also available, including adjustable-rate and fixed-rate residential mortgages for single-family homes, condos, and co-ops. Our clients have access to flexible programs and options – construction financing, 100-percent financing with the pledge of qualified assets in lieu of a cash down payment, and hybrid mortgages – often closing within 30 days. We work with BNY Mellon, which, as an experienced portfolio lender, provides clients with benefits such as insulation from secondary-market guidelines and restrictions and customized solutions tailored to their distinct liquidity needs.

    • Lending
    • Investment Credit Line
    • Mortgage Solutions
    • Life Insurance Premium Financing
    • Commercial Real Estate Financing
  • International Client Transactions

    We have extensive experience with international clients; our expertise includes multi-currency reporting and handling domestic affairs via power of attorney.

    • Power of Attorney
    • Multi-Currency Reporting
    • Property Management
    • Medical/Insurance Claims
  • Record Keeping & Reporting

    Not all clients have the same communication preferences, and these preferences often evolve. Thus, we remain accessible and promote transparency to ensure that our clients remain as fully informed as they wish to be. Clients also have full access to their portfolios online via their preferred custodian.

    • Quarterly Insights
    • Customized Financial Reporting
    • Online Access to Portfolio
    • Income, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis
    • Outside Asset Oversight and Tracking

Mutual Funds

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